Learn Your Personality Based On The Shape Of Your Toes


Hey people, personality tests are always fun, don’t you agree with me? If you want to learn more about how your brain works or you are curious to learn what your friends and family think, then this is the right place for you.


The idea is that the shape of your toes and how they line up on your feet might offer incredible insights into how we all think. Scroll through below to learn what your toes reveal!

Toe Type #1: Roman Toes


This shape is one of the most common foot shapes out there. People who have toes like this, are very blessed and have very friendly personalities. They go along with everyone and are excellent when it comes to dealing with difficult personalities.

Toe Type #2: Fire Toes


People with fire toes have a second toe that’s longer than their big toe, while the remaining toes get gradually smaller. They are known for being creative, very energetic and ambitious. Very fun to hang out with and also full of adventure.

Toe Type #3: Square Toes


This shape is also known as the “Peasant Foot”, and means that all five of your toes are practically the same length, with the big toe perhaps just a smidgen longer. These types of people, seem to be very thoughtful and take a long time to make a decision. They just think things through.  Patience, pragmatism, and honesty makes them ideal for helping to resolve conflicts and come up with diplomatic solutions.

Toe Type #4: Extra-Small Toes


This shape looks almost exactly like the Roman foot, except the pinky toe is extra tiny. This means you are very open about everything and socialize with everyone. It also means that when it comes to a specific aspect of their personality, they are very shy.



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