He Leaves The Church At His Own Wedding, The Reason Is Shocking


Stuart and his brother Robert are a typical sibling duo. They are always up to no good, always playing tricks on each other and being mischievous. But what’s more important is that they have a lot of fun together.

It was Stuart’s light-hearted nature and playful attitude that swept his wife, Vicky, off her feet, and made her fall in love. So, he was determined to keep up with appearances and even pull a prank on their  wedding day.

You won’t believe where his playful mind went.


Even the vicar was in on the prank. Crazy! The ceremony took place at St. John Baptist Church in the UK. Everything was going perfect until halfway through the service, Stuart fooled everyone. He told everyone that he’d forgotton the rings. The vicar said that they could not go on without the rings.  At that  moment, Stuart left his wife to be at the altar and ran out of the church. Everyone was in shock and dismay.


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