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The Story Of A Pennsylvania Left Brain Stroke Survivor

The Story Of A Pennsylvania Left Brain Stroke Survivor

Ever hear a professional advice that you shouldn’t consume too much alcohol at a party? Well, don’t ignore that. Seriously, too much alcohol on a party night will result in some pretty unwanted issues the next day, and unfortunately, for this teen, it all went a bit too far. There’s a big myth that only older adults can have strokes, but this is not true. According to Pennlive, anyone can have a stroke at any time, including newborn babies. It’s also one of the biggest causes of death among people.

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Back in July of 2008, Bonnie Dietz’s son Cody stayed at a friend’s house for the night. The next morning, Bonnie’s daughter asked her “When is Bubba going to be home?” (Bubba being what they called Cody in the household)

“When I call him he normally either picks up right away or calls me right back, which he did not. So just motherly instinct kicked in, though something’s not right” Bonnie stated.

She goes on to say that her husband is a marine and doesn’t really show emotion, but when he found out that something wasn’t right and that Cody wasn’t picking up the phone, he was adamant to find out what had happened.

When they got a hold of Cody, all they could hear was garbled speech. No actual sound of his voice. Cody was incoherent, and was immediately taken to the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA. where the doctors had diagnosed him with a left brain stroke.

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At just 17 years old.

Alcohol is one of the many causes of strokes, and it’s safe to assume that Cody consumed a hefty amount of the stuff the night before. The professionals at the hospital luckily performed surgery right on time, and managed to save Cody’s life, very short before the stroke could have spread to his brain stem, killing him.

The best part? The doctors told Cody that he would take up to a year to be able to speak again, but it actually took him one month. The first thing he said when he started recovering was “I love you”, which brought his mother Bonnie to tears.

If anything, this entire story puts into perspective how much modern medicine has advanced. This guy could have died if his stroke had spread to his brain stem, but the medical center performed surgery to stop the swelling, and not only did they save his life, but it took him just one month to be able to fully speak again.

Check out the video below for Cody’s full story:


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