The Legendary Dive For The Garter This Wedding Day

The Legendary Dive For The Garter This Wedding Day


Katie and James decided to celebrate their wedding day with friends and family in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. The venue was packed! During the reception, the time came for the groom to find the garter of the bride and to toss it.

The tossing of the garter is a tradition dating back to the olden days. The main reason this tradition has stuck is the belief that whoever catches the garter will have good luck, especially related to conjugal matters. Another one is the garter being the symbol of newlyweds consummating their marriage. Family and friends would take the garter the day before.

In a more contemporary setting, the garter is being tossed towards the bachelors among the wedding guests by the groom. The garter toss is the male equivalent of the bouquet toss: it is said that whoever catches it, will be the next one to marry.

wedding 1

Talking of the groom, we see the hero of our story well equipped to dive in under that dress. He looks hilarious with the two pairs of sunglasses! You gotta respect a man with a good sense of humor.

wedding 2

So, the music starts playing, and it’s the Mission Impossible theme, but is it, though? It’s cute how everyone can see that Katie shares his sense of humor, because she hid oversized underwear in there, so that’s the first thing he pulled out.

Okay, and that’s a tampon… So, one last breath and diving in…

Can you believe what he found next? The guests went wild, they loved it, and he’s kind of baffled… Because it’s a baby. No, not a real live one, a plastic, store version of it. Does this mean that whoever catches the baby will be the first to have a real one? Who knows with those traditions.

wedding 3

Is this a sign of things to come? If so, I wish the newlyweds all the best! And to the one who catches that plastic baby!


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