Few Legit Pointers On Choosing The Right Foundation

Few Legit Pointers On Choosing The Right Foundation


The first Indian beauty, fashion and lifestyle platform, Glamrs, gives us a video in a very sensitive topic – foundation!

Choosing the right shade of foundation always felt like nuclear science to many. It remains one of the biggest challenges to both customers and the industry. That is because the skin across the face will never be even in complexion.

The thing to do in these situations is to take a really closer look at your jawline, the neck, the chest. Try to do it in daylight too! It’s the only way to avoid the cake face!

What we strive for in makeup is uniformity in complexion!

Understand Your Undertones

If you have a lot of yellow or olive like undertones in your skin, you are the warm type.

If you sense blue or pink undertones, then you are most probably the cool type.

At the very end, if you still cannot make up your mind, consult your beauty advisor at your closest shop! What you want to do is always ask for samples as well! That way, you can stay with the foundation and observe how it sits on your face for an extent period of time.

Picking a Shade

In most cases, it is best to test the foundation on your jawline.

foundation 1

You want to prevent a foundation that it’s too light or too dark for you!

foundation 2

If it disappears into your skin it’s a true match!

foundation 3

If you feel like you cannot find that one shade and nothing blends well, try mixing several different shades of foundation.

Maybe the most important thing to remember about foundations is that foundations are not correctors or concealers. They will not cover up all the imperfections on your face! So, don’t overdo it!

Altering Your Skin Tone

Some of us like to appear a little brighter and some of like to look tanned.

For brighter skin, remember to find your true match, wear the color all over your face and use brightening products.

foundation 4

Simply brighten the t-zone or the higher planes of your face with highlighter.

For a more tanned look, match your foundation to your forehead or chin because those are the darker areas of your skin.

foundation 5

Once you do that, make sure you wear the foundation right across the neck and the chest.

We hope that this few pointers will help you choosing the right foundation!

Source:Glamrs.com, tiphero

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