Make Your Very Own Na Na Na Lego Batman Cake

Make Your Very Own Na Na Na Lego Batman Cake

batman cake

Make your very own na na na na na na na BATMAN CAKE following this easy how-to video!

Canadian YouTube channel The Icing Artists features Laurie Shannon’s easy to follow step by step recipes from simple buttercream cakes to more elaborate 3D cakes.

What will you need?

A batman cookie cutter to cut out the symbols. The bat symbols will be made out of pound cake.  Laurie added a little bit of black food coloring into it just to darken it up a bit. Cut out about eight bat symbols.

batman 1

If you put your cake in the freezer for half an hour once it’s completely cool, it will harden up slightly and it will be much easier to cut out the bat symbols.

The rest of the Lego Block cake will use a thick vanilla batter. Dye the vanilla cake batter as yellow as you can make it.

batman 2

Using a loaf pan, put a little bit of cake batter at the bottom of the pan. Stack two bat symbols together on top of each other and then flip them over.

batman 3

In order not to destroy the delicate bat symbols, put your batter in a piping bag and go through with the batter, piping between the lines and filling in all the remaining parts of the cake.

batman 4

Once you are done, put it in the oven. Bake it at 350 degrees for 45 min.

Lastly, since the cake is baked, flip it over and pop it out of the cake pan. Due to being a loaf pan, it will have rounded edges, so scrap those edges using a sharp knife.

batman 5

It’s time to ice the surface of the cake.  Use a yellow and gold food coloring for the icing. Apply it with a pipe to each of the sides and the top of the cake. Once on there, smooth it out with an offset icing spatula knife. Laurie uses a paper towel to smooth things out.

batman 6

The Lego Knobs

The Lego knobs will be made out of the same color, but for them, we will be using a fondant. Use a circle cutter to cut out the knobs. Brush on a little bit of gel paste on top of them and rub them a bit with a paper towel. Stick them to the Lego block using gel paste.

batman 7

The cake is so good that even Batman made a surprise appearance at the tasting party. Check the steps below to make your very own Batman Cake.

Source:The Icing Artist

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