Lego Toys Company Jumps On Viral Panda Wagon

Lego Toys Company Jumps On Viral Panda Wagon


Remember Legos? Lego is one of the most successful toy company in the history of the world, ever!

The Danish company designs a line of plastic construction toys. They work on the premise that several interlocking plastic bricks or Lego pieces can be assembled and connected in countless of ways in order to construct objects. They directly engage the children’s spatial and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence through the process of building something from scratch, using just common logic and your cognitive processes! In this way, they directly affected the child’s cognitive progress.

Lego is cherished all around the world. People pay countless respect and tribute to the toys.

The White Stripes made a whole video, created from a shot by shot stop-motion animation with director extraordinaire Michel Gondry. The video was used for their “Fell In Love With A Girl” song.

Now, Lego attached itself to another viral trend. Where’s Wally style cartoons flooded the Internet last month when Budapest-based Gergely Dudas drew a panda among a sea of snowmen.

The Internet went wild. Who can spot a panda mingling with snowmen? Especially if the snowmen are made to look so much like pandas, and viceversa?

company 1

Lego upped the ante when they put their Duplo Dog among pandas. Lego posted this particular puzzle on their Instagram, to the delight of thousands of fans who set the like button on fire!

The caption read: “We managed to find all the pandas! But can you find our #LEGODUPLO dog?”

There is, however, one feature by which you can distinguish the dog from the pandas. Same goes for the panda.

company 2

Source:Instagram / LEGO

Look at the picture carefully! Try to find the dog… If you really couldn’t find it, there you go!

company 3

Source:Instagram / LEGO

After you’ve found the dog, compare it to the pandas! What do they have in common? And what is opposite about them?

If you see more thoroughly at the picture, you will notice that the dog’s eyes are a little bit ‘sadder’ than the ones of the pandas.  The outer corners of the eyes seem to go downwards a little bit.

company 4

Source:Facebook / thedudolf

Same goes for the panda, however, this time around it’s not the eyes. It’s the smile! Or to be more precise, the absence of it!

You will notice that the snowmen all have smiles on their faces, yet the panda doesn’t even have a mouth to begin with. And after you’ve seen the difference, it will become even more apparent and glaring!

company 5

This is an excellent concentration exercise! I think I’ll go stare at pandas a little bit more!

Source:Facebook / thedudolf

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