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Lemon Strawberry Cake Recipe! – CAKE STYLE

Lemon - Stawberry cake

Cakes have been around for a really long time. Did you know that the word “cake” actually hails from the old Viking word “kaka”? Yes, a bit ironic, but it’s true.

In most cases, a cake is a baked confectionery that can have a huge variety of different fillings. There are over a hundred different cake recipes out there, and the ingredients can vary.

Some cakes feature chocolate and vanilla, while others can feature fruits. There are even savory cakes!

Do you like strawberries on your cake?

Of course you do, who doesn’t.

For those of us who are very lazy, there are of course the store-bought cake mixes. Great if you don’t feel like cooking and just want to eat cake without having to spend that much time preparing it.

If you do feel like cooking, however, then you can always just cook the cake fully with all the ingredients. Most people just prefer that.

If you prefer fruity cakes to regular chocolate and vanilla cakes, then here’s a good recipe for you. Lemon strawberry cake.

cake lemon

This recipe is by Cake Style, and it seems like an excellent little thing to prepare next time your friends are coming over and you want to serve something nice.

Source:Cake Style

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