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Leonardo DiCaprio Will Be Pledging $20 Million To Climate Change Organisations

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has pledged $20 million to climate change organizations and I think we adore him for that.


Many know the 41-year-old as a great actor, but not many know him as the good man he is.  And this is a prime example I must say. Way to go Leo!

His own organisation, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, will distribute 20 million in environmental grants to 100 different organisations.

He said:

“We have watched as storms, wildfires, and droughts have worsened, and as extinctions have become increasingly frequent. And some of us have also listened as the scientific community sounded alarm bells about climate change as far back as the early 1990s. It is extremely likely – with 95 to 100 percent probability – that human influence is the dominant cause of climate change.

“Yet with all of this evidence – the independent scientific warnings, and the mounting economic price tag – there is still an astounding level of willful ignorance and inaction from the people who should be doing the most to protect us, and every other living thing on this planet.”

He managed here to take a dig at President Trump.


At the Yale Climate Conference, he revealed that he met with Trump to discuss a “comprehensive plan to tackle climate change’.

He said:

“We watched as this White House pulled us back from the Paris climate agreement, the landmark blueprint for containing global emissions and slowing the increase in global temperatures, and we listened as they said that the powerful forces of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma did not change the President’s mind about climate change.

“I still believe that the United States has the potential to lead the world on this issue. We can only hope that the president begins to see it too, before it is too late.”

Way to go, Leo.

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