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The “Let Me Love You,” Song Is Finally Back With The Video

Let me love you

If you thought that getting a video for “Let Me Love You,” will never happen then don’t worry because it is finally here guys. The song was released in August but the video has not been released until now.

The sad part is that Justin Bieber nor Dj Snake are not in the video, but it doesn’t matter because we are thrilled to finally see the video. We can see a hot young couple on the road stealing and making love in motels.

Their beds are actually covered with money and their faces are covered with masks of the two artists of the song. Later we see them escape in a gang nd then engage in a fight with the police. Pretty badass.

But it is not done yet. There comes the “Wait, what?!” moment. This has everyone talking about it. Is that even possible?

Look at the video down below and find out what it actually happens. The song is still one of our favorites.

Source:DJSnakeVEVO, virginradiolb

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