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These New Levi’s Jeans Have A Zip On The Backside, If You’re Into That

Levi’s Jeans

When you think of jeans, the name that immediately comes to mind is Levi’s. Levi Strauss and Co. is credited for inventing the original blue jeans – the next step in the evolution of trousers, coats and overalls constructed from blue denim. Truth be told, the original jeans were patented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873 (that’s almost 144 years ago). Overtime, thousands of companies jumped on the bandwagon on making jeans, big and small brands alike. There are also plenty of different types of jeans out there; skinny, slim, ripped, high rise, low rise and the list goes on. But when you see one of the latest jean designs that are the result of a collaboration between Levi’s and Vetements, which is a streetwear company for those that don’t know.

What I am talking about? Well, these jeans have a zip on the front just like any other jeans… except there is also a zip on the backside… and it can be unzipped so you can reveal the color of your underwear!

These New Levi's Jeans Have A Zip On The Backside, If You're Into That 1

Okay, I may have made that last part up. The zipper is actually to show off your toned bum. Hey, I was close, right?

Yep, for real. This pair of jeans has a zip on the back that allows you to show everyone your bum.

It works well if your backside is big.

These New Levi's Jeans Have A Zip On The Backside, If You're Into That 2

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much these amazing fashion item costs

Well, if you really want to know, this very controversial pair of trousers will set you back… $1700.


To put that in perspective for you, a regular pair of super skinny Levi’s (the price is subject to change) is $54.50. That’s about 1/31 of the price of this special bum-revealing pair.

Oh, and if the temperature outside is a little bit higher, you can get them in a shorts variant too.

Just imagine the unauthorized hands attempting to unzip these things in public.


I can guarantee you that at least one wearer of these jeans has had the bum zipper unzipped at least once by someone that shouldn’t be doing it. A moment of silence for all the curious people who probably got their face caved in after doing that…

I would love to see what these jeans would look like on Jen Selter or Jennifer Lopez… Or Kim Kardashian, or any Kardashian.

What? They’re just a random selection of celebrities!


Would you rock a pair like this? Would you do so in public? Let us know in the comments below!


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