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15 Small Life Changes To Make Your Life Simpler And Easier


Life can often get complicated, but only if you allow it to. Sometimes, it’s easy to lose yourself in the routine and bad habits while complaining how your life suddenly became so complicated to handle. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a Yoga master to live your life in a simple and pleasing way. You just need to be open to new things and changes. Here are some ways you can boost your life energy and end up healthy, happy and fulfilled at the end of each day.

1. Workout music

Listening to music while exercising boosts your workout productivity. It actually improves your mood and distracts you from feeling tired or sore. According to some estimates, listening to music can increase your physical performance by as much as 15%.

2. Nap time

Take a short power nap every day, whenever you can. In this way, you will keep your heart healthy and this habit can help lower your blood pressure.

3. Hot date

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If you’re out on a first date and you want a second one, plan an adrenaline activity. These include theme parks, dancing, or scary movies. Attraction increases when people feel emotions like fear or excitement, and the person might feel like they are enjoying your company instead of the activity. Isn’t that awesome?

4. Choice trickery

Give your rebellious child the illusion of control. Instead of ordering, make your request a choice. For example, instead of saying “Get your sweater”, say “Do you want to wear or your red sweater or yellow sweater today?”

5. Quell a confrontation

To avoid a showdown in a meeting, sit right next to the person you think has it out for you. People become less angry when you are close to their personal space.

6. Banana for happiness

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The tryptophan and carbs in the fruit help the brain boost your mood! Eat a banana each day to feel happier than ever!

7. Sail through crowds

If you look straight through the gap between people or above one of their shoulders, you will certainly avoid awkward shuffling.

8. Become likable and gain trust

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Smiling at someone when you first meet them as well as noticing their eye color will warm them up to you. This will help build trust between the two of you, as well.

9. Lose weight

If you want to lose weight, eat slowly, even if it’s a small portion. Eating fast will make you gain weight quickly. Slower chewing and munching, on the other hand, helps to lower the number of calories you take in as it satiates you quicker.

10. Go silent

When you want to get the truth out of someone during a conversation, suddenly go silent, but look at them in the eye. That person will feel pressured into revealing the truth because everything is so quiet.

11. Read body cues

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If people’s arms or legs are crossed, that indicates defensiveness. A more open stance shows they are open and receptive to your words.

12. Chew gum to beat nerves

Chew gum for 5-10 minutes before a test or a public speaking event to release tension.

13. The yawn test

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To find out if someone is staring at you or checking you out, start yawning. This will hit them and they will start yawning, too.

14. Get a yes

Ask a favor of someone who is tired. It might seem crazy, but this person is probably too tired to argue, so they will eventually say yes.

15. Cure an earworm

If you have a boring song in your head, sing it through the end or think of the last word. It should end your boring earworm for good.

Here are some life tips for everyday activities.

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