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She Had Life Changing Transformation After 90 Days Off Meth. Look At Her Face


An American Reddit user posted two photos of his sister and showed how beautiful she is again for being only 90 days meth free. In no time, the before and after pictures, were viewed more than two million times. Before treatment she looks skinny, pale with blond hair and despite loads of makeup, her face is full of bumps.

In the picture taken after 90 days of rehabilitation, and off the horrible meth, she looks like a different person. She is a brunette with fresh skin and some more meat on her bones.

The change is so dramatic, so many netizens thought that the photographs were fake until she confirmed the story. She even provided a different photo for proof. This way she and her brother managed to send a message for all the current and former meth addicts.

In 2008, the United States government reported that around 13 million people over the age of 12 had used meth and more than half of those are regular users.
What is even more worrying, is that  4.5% of American high-school seniors and 4.1% of tenth graders are reported as using methamphetamine at least once in their life.

One of the reasons people reach for meth is because they think they will be more attractive and will lose weight. In other words, they believe meth will make them sexy.

According to the site Drug Free World, meth addicts take this drug because of the rush and the false sense of euphoria. Methamphetamine effect can last considerably longer than that of some other drugs. While on drugs the user feels ‘aggressively smarter’, which some people rely on to get through the day.


The effects of meth on the body are horrifying and very  dangerous. It can deeply affect your career and relationships.


The original photo set we mentioned is captioned: ‘Inspired by another Redditor, I present to you, my sister. 90 Days Meth Free.’

Users become horrible self-centered, mean, cruel, they say and do things that you can’t even believe. My sister would lie, steal from us, take advantage of us, she’d do anything to get a fix.
‘She obviously regrets it all now, but she was honestly in the position to get help. We had no way to force it on her. I think getting busted helped a bit.’

A meth addiction is extremely difficult to treat. Many people become addicted after their first time trying it and spend most of their time either using it or finding ways to get their hands on more. This woman is a great inspiration for others. Her accomplishment of 90 days clean of meth is no small feat.


She stood strong and after the negative comments, the woman in the photo posted this comment to the thread.


When she confirmed her identity she wanted to be a positive influence to those fighting the same battle.


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