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Man Finds Life Hack Book From The 1960s, Decides To Try It Out


Life is already difficult as it is, and then there are those mundane pesky little obstacles in it that make it even harder. Well, frustrating, at least. Luckily these days you can find numerous life-saving tips and hacks to reduce frustration in everyday tasks on the Internet. These simple tips can bring up a smile, and make dull jobs enjoyable. But, in a world where the Internet was an unimaginable concept, people used life-hack books instead. Some things never change!


HouseholdHacker is a popular YouTube that posts videos of different hacks, and quick solutions to common everyday problems. As of May 2016, it has 3.8 million subscribers and incredible 530 million views. The channel became famous with a 2007 hoax video which claimed that you can charge an iPod battery simply by using an onion and Gatorade. More recently, HouseholdHacker is publishing more truthful content, such as videos of the discovery of ancient, but still useful, life hacks.

On September 2, they uploaded a video where a 60-year-old life hack book is discovered. Then, some of the hacks are put to the test in order to find out if they will really work, and guess what – spoiler alert! – they most certainly do.


First on the list was the hack that gives the idea of magneto magnet holding a paint brush in a cleaning solution.


If you don’t want to make a mess and want to clean your brush easily, just fill a jar with soapy water and dip your dirty brush inside. Use a discharged magnet that you will hang over the edge of the container, and the magnet will support the brush on contact with the metal ferrule. Smart.


Handy isn’t it?


Imagine a dark hardwood floor against white walls and dark fixtures. Beautiful right?

Sadly, hardwood floors do not stand up nicely to dragged appliances and heavy furniture. So, if you don’t want any damage done to your gorgeous floors in your new home, you can place flattened milk cartons under each foot of the object you are moving. The cartons will permit sliding without marring the floor.


Is the bacon sticking together whenever you are making breakfast? Here’s a trick: just roll the package in your hands gently and it loosens the strips from each other without tearing.


A wire sponge is a bundle of very fine and flexible sharp-edged steel or metal filaments. It can be used for numerous things such as cleaning glass and porcelain. But also, did you know that if you need to pour light liquids into something through a funnel, you can use a steel wool sponge to avoid spillage?


There are other tricks and hacks in the video, such as using a potato to keep you tacks in one place. So, don’t hesitate to check the video and channel; you might learn something that will make your life so much easier.


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Source: HouseholdHacker
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