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23 Life Hacks For A Day As Smooth As Butter


Living life to the fullest means partying and traveling for many people. But, if you really want to use every second and live life fully for real, you need some life hacks to get you going through the day. Everyone needs to know how to do these mundane daily activities more quickly and more efficiently. Here are 23 hacks to make your day as smooth as butter.

1. How to test a raw egg for freshness.

This is so helpful! By the way, if you were wondering, that’s water in there.


Source: Reddit | blacky80

2. Cover up painful trampoline springs with pool noodles.

It looks prettier, too.


Source: Reddit | Asho777

3. Secure a power bar to the backside of a dresser or other furniture and plug in items with short cords easily.


Source: Reddit | RealJonOC

4. Put a magnetic parts tray on the front of your refrigerator and never lose those random kitchen tools again.


Source: Reddit | GamecubeAdopter

5. Add lemon juice to the bag of sliced apples to keep them from getting brown.


Source: Reddit | carbearnara

6. When you want hard taco shells at home


Source: Reddit

7. Stove grates make amazing cooling racks, in case you didn’t know.


Source: Reddit | josuenmercado

8. How to cook two pizzas at once.

Okay, this one is a bit beyond helpful…


Source: 9gag

9. Muffin pans could be used for organization, too.


Source: Reddit | SassLipsKris

10. In case you don’t have a muffin pan, you can always use an empty egg carton instead!


Source: Reddit | AuDBallBag

11. Use binder clips to fix broken keyboards.


Source: Reddit | rocky190

12. Some people claim that you can restore the luster of chrome fixtures by rubbing wet aluminum foil on them.

That’s an easy one.


Source: Reddit | kimz_nuts

13. Warm up that lipbalm.


Source: Reddit | ZMoney187

14. Enjoy television on the bottom bunk with this clothes hanger hack.



Source: Imgur | byronshell

15. Use removable hooks to secure that annoying trash bag.


Source: Reddit | bobret

16. Need a lightbox? Flip a clear tote and use your phone’s flashlight to create one!


Source: Reddit | eddiethellama

17. Use ALL of your toothpaste with this simple binder clip hack.


Source: Reddit | siketeach

18. Here’s a genius Keurig hack!

“Stuff a teabag in the cup compartment of your Keurig. I expected it to make a mess; instead, perfectly-steeped tea in 10 seconds!”


Source: Reddit | robertgfthomas

19. Throwing away all the leftovers? Try this idea instead.


Source: Reddit | HellaFella420

20. Put your course number on the top of your notebook to easily find it.


Source: Reddit | Jacobr196

21. Put a few drops of water in a coffee mug with a whole egg and microwave for one minute! Result? Perfect egg sandwich!


Source: Reddit | stygarfield

22. Use your phone camera to test whether your infrared remotes work properly.


Source: Reddit | Hoppse88

23. Use duct tape to open a stubborn jar!


Source: Reddit | IONIZEDatom
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