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Twenty Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier And Better


The internet is constantly on the hunt for highly useful life hacks that have the potential of making your life a whole lot easier.

In case you need to make your life easier as well, here are 20 of the things that should hopefully get you back on track and make everything go easier and much nicer

1. Grow roses from potato cuts

Before you plant your rose cuttings, push the stems into small potatoes. The nutrients and moisture inside the potatoes will allow for healthier roots to develop.

Twenty Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier And Better 1

2. Waterproof shoes

Rub a little bit of beeswax and then use a blow dryer to dry it off on your canvas shoes to instantly waterproof them.


3. Dry clothes faster

If you don’t have a dryer but you’re in a hurry, all you need to do is roll a towel with a garment inside, pick it up and twist. Squeeze out the excess water, and then hang it on a clothes hanger to completely dry it off.

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4. Smelly shoes

If you have a smelly foot problem after taking of your shoes, here’s an easy fix.

Place a tea bag inside your shoes before putting them on, and that should hopefully eliminate the smell.


5. Tight shoes

If your shoes feel a bit too tight on you, here’s how you can stretch them easily.

Stuff each shoe with wet newspaper as tight as possible, let them dry, and then remove the newspaper.


6. Start a fire

If you have some leftover chips (tortilla and potato based will work fine), they can be great for starting a fire, due to the chemicals and fat that’s in them.


7. Locate small objects

Secure some pantyhose on the end of your vacuum cleaner and then scoop around the floor. The tiny object you’re looking for will get stuck onto the pantyhose, so you can then pick it up and put it back in its place.


8. Time marked bottle

A great way to track your daily water intake. All it takes is a marker pen and some creativity to create this bottle. This will all contribute to you improving your daily health with your water intake.


9. Toilet bowl stains be gone!

As crazy as this might seem, all you need is some Coca Cola. Pour a can into the toilet bowl, let it sit overnight, then the next morning, wash it off with soapy water and flush. A clean toilet will result.


10. Unclog drains easily

First, pour some hot water down the drain, and then sprinkle a cup of soda, and then follow up with some vinegar. Flush them with hot or boiling water once again.


11. Cleaning the shower head

Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and place it on top of the shower head with a rubber band.

Allow the head to soak in the vinegar overnight, and then remove the bag.


12. Prevent your buttons from falling off

Cover the threads on the buttons with a little bit of clear nail polish to stop them from falling off.


13. Body odor

Just in case you forgot to put on deodorant, simply cut a lemon or orange into two halves and rub it on your pits, and the odor will soon disappear.


14. Amplify the sound coming out of your phone

If your phone has a weak speaker, just place it inside a plastic cup and it will be louder!


15. Make ice last longer

Sprinkle some salt on the ice to make it much more effective and longer lasting.


16. Fresh breath

Chewing gum isn’t the only way to get fresh breath, you can also chew an apple to get rid of your bad breath.


17. Citrus candle

An orange or lemon candle has an amazing aroma that will last for hours and it’s very easy to make.


18. Open a stuck lid

Run some hot water over the lid for a minute or so, wipe it down and try to open it.


19. Wooden spoon trick

If you’re cooking pasta or something similar, place your wooden spoon atop the pot, so that it pops the bubbles and keeps the water from overflowing and making a mess.


20. Use a paperclip to open your phone’s SIM card tray

If you have a modern smartphone that has a special SIM card slot and you can’t find the tool that’s used to open it, grab yourself a small paperclip and insert it into the screwhole on the slot, and you’ll be able to open it easily.


Have any more life hacks to share with us? Share them in the comments!


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