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16 Life Hacks That You Can Easily Do With Everyday Objects


Don’t you want to thank the internet for bringing so many DIYs and life hacks into our otherwise complicated lives? Here is your chance, because there are more hacks you want to know about. These tips can make your days not only easier, but wiser, too. Why bother with complicated things when you can scroll down and learn the easiest way to handle everyday issues? A shout goes out to Diply, for bringing some of the smartest life hacks that you can do with everyday objects to our attention.

1. Three marks with a marker can prevent all the confusion with cables and ports on your laptop

In case you were wondering, here is how it goes. One mark on your USB to show which side is up, one on the USB port to show where it goes, and one dot for the power port.objects

Source: Reddit | ciprock

2. Toilet paper rolls turn into perfect organizers for extension cords

You can also write the length of the cord contained inside on the roll. Genius!


Source: Reddit | macphisto23

3. You can also use toilet paper rolls as seedling starters, in case you are up for gardening

The best part is that you don’t have to take them out of the rolls when they’re ready to transplant. The reason is that the roots will just punch through the paper.


Source: Reddit | AsianFrenchie

4. Use a screwdriver for pouring oil into your car

Never be messy again!


Source: Reddit | thetechhunter

5. Make a binliner out of a grocery bag by attaching command hooks upside down on the can and looping the bag’s handles over the hooks


Source: Reddit | randomusefulbits

6. Use that big candle even though the wicks are gone!

Drop a tealight down inside and light up your favorite candle again.


Source: Reddit

7. Kitchen garbage bags are great for transporting clothing on hangers

No need to make a mess out of your closet again! Using these will also keep your clothes clean, dry, organized, and manageable.


Source: Reddit | randomusefulbits

8. If you don’t have a coin for a cart at the grocery store, try using a key


Source: Reddit | Tomnomnomas

9. Know the mute button when you are in a hurry and the ads are annoying

Pass this info on!


Source: Reddit | Bi00hazzard

10. Need AA batteries but only have AAA on hand?

Use a few coins to fill the gap and wait for some magic to happen.


Source: Reddit | GirlShapedAnomaly

11. Save closet space by hanging all your tank tops on shower curtain rings

Then, loop the rings over a single hanger.


Source: Reddit | kvnmahan

12. Swipe fur with a rubber glove or a rubber jar opener off your furniture

Rubber is the key! It works wonders!


Source: Reddit | nursewords

13. Keep your boxed lettuce fresh by putting a paper towel on top


Source: Reddit | wiscowonder

14. Use a corkscrew to pull stubborn drywall anchors out of the wall


Source: Reddit | qlt_sfw

15. If you have to open a wine bottle, but you don’t have a corkscrew, use a hammer instead!

Insert the screw halfway into the cork and gently pull it out with the hammer.


Source: Reddit | imvale

16. Velcro comes handy when your laptop cord is too sensitive

Hot glue and a washer will complete the connection.


Source: Reddit | siddv

Here are some more life hacks worth knowing.

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