15 Brilliant Life Hacks You Need To Further Improve Your Life

15 Brilliant Life Hacks You Need To Further Improve Your Life


Life is easy. But not too easy – so there’s still room for improvement. How, I hear you ask? Why of course – life hacks!

Whether it be the use of cupcake liners, baby powder, or an airplane window, Providr compiled a list of cleverness. Here are 15 life hacks that will make life a little easier.

1. Chew some gum to improve your memory

I too wish this was a crude April Fool’s joke, but… It’s science, you sunny beach! A study conducted by UK psychologists found that people who chewed gum through tests got better scores.


The study found that brain activity in the hippocampus (an important area for memory) increases when people chew. Also, chewing increases our heart rate which increases the efficiency of delivering oxygen to the brain (a cognitive enhancer). So there.

2. Save all those precious seconds

For those of us lacking the ability to carve a swan out of a cucumber, we can excel at brevity. Just cut carrots lengthways.


3. Not so stiff now, eh?!

If you want to break in a new pair of shoes, put on some heavy, thick socks and then wear the shoes. Blow dry them until you have sufficiently broken them in. This is somehow grounded in physics, but we’re not that smart to explain how it works.


4. Behold, the dual-core pizza-cessor!

Everyone loves pizza and no one likes waiting. So what if you could oven bake TWO frozen pizzas AT THE SAME TIME? Well, stop wondering because you CAN, you fool of a Took!


5. Packing for your kids

And for yourself. And for separate days. This works.


6. For when you get robbed

Doesn’t work if you date, or get proper mugged, though. Or get super drunk. Can’t find your pants? Can’t find this.


7. Teabag your eyebags

Soak chamomile tea bags in hot water and place them over your eyes. But not right away, let them cool some first, duh! It can help you look bright and fresh. Can – it doesn’t have to.


8. Just like Photoshop, but in real life

Basically, this is the “spot removal” tool. Just apply some nail polish to a cotton ball and rub out any scuff marks on any patent leather. Boom! Fleck gone.


9. Who needs a toolshed when you have cupcake trays?

Bolts, tools, nuts (not the edible kind, no, you dirty mind)… If you have them lying around, you’ll soon find yourself in a Mad Max scene. But a cupcake tray can sort through all that mess. Place nuts in one holder, bolts in the other, and anything else in… On the table!


10. Who needs refrigerators on a plane?

If you went through the massive trouble of what’s trying to sneak a snack onto a plane, you deserve to have it cold and crunchy. But wait a minute – there’s no fridge. OH NO.

You’ll have to alert the flight attendant, who could rat you out to the pilot, who could rat you out to flight control, who could rat you out to the police… (Shudder). A scary cascade that you don’t want to enable! So, listen. Just place it on the window of the plane and lock it in place with the shutter. Just make sure you have the window seat! If you don’t steal one! What kind of a hack is this?!


11. For extra volume, coat your lashes in baby powder before applying mascara

As the pic says. Easy. Haven’t tested it yet myself.


12. Keep cup holders clean with cupcake fillers

The cup holders in our cars tend to get a little dirty and dusty over time. Instead of regular cleaning, place a cupcake filler into the cup holder. Then when the time comes, simply throw the cupcake fillers out and put new ones.


13. The mad scientist life hack

For those with dry skin, a quick fix would be to concoct your own pois… I mean potion. Have a quarter cup of any kind of Listerine, and mix it with a quarter cup of vinegar. Add half a cup of water and mix – it will create an effective homemade dry skin cure. Soak in it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with the help of a dry cloth. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!


14. Quick motivation hack, also known as gaining weight

Studying simply isn’t fun (unless it’s a subject you’re truly passionate about) but here’s an effective way to keep you motivated and keep on reading. Note: Doesn’t work on cheaters.


15. For when you…

Are naked and bored, apparently. Can anyone be both naked and bored at the same time? Maybe, just want to ruin your boyfriend’s shirt. Or your girlfriend’s shirt. Or you just want to… surprise him or her. With a cocktail of mixed feelings. Pro Tip: If you really have to, pick their least favorite shirt!


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