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11 Quick Life Hacks For People Who Detest Cleaning


No-one likes cleaning, let’s be honest. Well, maybe there are a few people in the world who love doing it, and good for you if you are one of them, but the vast majority of us only ever partake of this bothersome activity because it simply must be done. Since cleaning is such a pain in the neck, we need ways to make it more efficient, and above all quicker. After all, there are better things to be done with our time.

Thankfully, the Internet is a bottomless well of tips and tricks that make cleaning a lot easier for us lazy cleaners. Of course, not all of them are suitable for our impatient nature. Some of them require the precision and tidiness possessed only by those who probably have already done all the chores around the house anyway. But not these ones. These hacks, provided by Providr, are simple, easy, and very useful, and they will change your life forever. Or, if not your life, at least your cleaning routine.

1. Screen cleaning

Fingerprints, greasiness and makeup smudges on laptop or phone screens can be very easily removed with an eraser.


2. Steamy mirrors

If you’re tired of your mirror fogging up with the steam of your hot showers, you can rub some shaving cream on it beforehand to prevent this from happening.


3. The right moment

Cleaning the outside of a window can be very difficult. If the weather is too hot the fluid will dry too quickly. If it’s too cold, it will freeze. So you need to choose the right moment: clean your windows when it’s overcast.


4. A dog’s life

This recipe based on natural ingredients will rid your dog’s bed of the smell. Make a 50-50 water and vinegar solution and spray it on the bed. Sprinkle with baking soda, then vacuum.


5. Washing the washer

Your dishwasher needs to be cleaned too! It’s simple: run a cycle with vinegar, then another cycle with a spoonful of baking soda.


6. Give this a chai

Remove the stains from the bottoms of your coffee mugs and tea cups with baking soda. Leave it inside as long as you can, then clean it with a brush.


7. Easy does it

Be careful when cleaning keyboards and computer screens – they are very delicate. Use a microfiber cloth dipped in some vinegar and don’t rub too hard, wipe gently.


8. Blown away

Don’t let liquid stains stay too long on your wooden surfaces, they will get worse with time. Get rid of them by drying them with a blow dryer. After that, using a cloth, apply a bit of oil over the stains.


9. Don’t strain yourself

What’s the most difficult kitchen utensil to clean? The strainer. There is an easy way to do it, though. Just dip it in citric acid for an hour or so.


10. Spray away

The best way to remove tape stains on glass is with WD-40. Spray some on the stain. After you let it sit for a while, wipe it with a towel, or scrape it with a razor blade.


11. Nailed it!

If you need some time to decide what to do about those pretty obvious nail holes in your white walls, you can put some toothpaste in them as a temporary solution. Works like a charm.

Source: providr

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