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10 Life Hacks That You’ll Love


Because, who doesn’t want to make their life easier? This video shows us how to do exactly that, with these 10 life hacks.

Say goodbye to the annoying little things in life

As usual, Facts Verse makes yet another excellent and entertaining compilation of tricks, this time about improving our every day lives. From no tears with onions, to salvaging the last of candles with spaghetti, some of these will actually save you a lot of stress. You may have heard about some of these before.

But did you know, for example, that you can actually check if the mirror in the changing room is a spy mirror? There’s a way to do this and it’s very easy. If you don’t feel comfortable and suspect that someone is standing on the other side, you can always light the mirror with your phone torch. The spy room should always be darker in order for this mirror to work, so by doing this, you’ll expose a possible Peeping Tom.

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Source:Facts Verse

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