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Nine Lies That Life Has Thrown At Most Of Us


What’s the worst lies you’ve ever told? “It’s nothing” and “I’m fine” to your boyfriend/girlfriend? “#nofilter” as an Instagram caption? “Last night was fun”?

Of course, we’re all guilty of telling white lies now and again, but what are the worst deceits life has thrown at us?Scroll down and check out if yours are among the nine listed here and of course, don’t ever take what life throws at you too seriously.

1. The online retailer that promised you will be the queen of the prom…

…before delivering a dress that looks suspiciously like the upholstery on your grandmother’s couch.


Source: Twitter | @courtchristinee

2. The online store that mixed up European and American sizes


Source: Twitter | @GeorgeRiggall

3. The guy who pretty much sums up why it sucks being a tourist

4. The fitness tracker you are using

Are you telling me that 30-minute walk didn’t actually burn off the Double Big Mac I had for lunch?!


Source: Twitter | @NBCNews

5. All the romcoms you’ve ever seen

No, it ain’t like in the movies at all.


6. Instagram beauty tutorials

“A small eyeshadow brush works well to lightly line the under-eye with glitter…”


Source: Twitter | @crypticrybaby Instagram | @lucyevansmua

7. Subway

For making you regret your decision to “eat fresh” instead of going to a proper junk food joint every single time.



8. Your high school guidance counselor

For saying freshman year of college would be the best time of your life.


9. Your parents when they said college would get you a job

Four years and tens of thousands of dollars in debt later…


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