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16 People Whose Purpose In Life Is To Fail And Amuse The Rest Of The World


Someone’s purpose in life is to help hungry children in poor countries; others, yet, study hard for decades in order to become physicians and prolong people’s life spans; a third group invents ingenious stuff so they can make the planet into a better place and improve everyone’s existence. Then, there are the artists who make us all feel better about this mortal coil.

But that is not all! The world would be incomplete without one group of people playing a crucial role for humanity: those who have the talent to fail in small, everyday matters in the most hilarious way imaginable, thus making us laugh and feel better about ourselves. Here are sixteen representatives of this species so very important for our ecosystem.

1. The wife snaps the perfect shot of her husband’s feelings about air travel


Source: Reddit | wynstn

2. A recent drop in crime rates in this town has left Spidey without a job or sense of purpose



3. An accident of apocalyptic measures just waiting to happen


Source: Reddit | weakacid

4. Ouch! Here’s hoping they didn’t break the chair by sitting on it!


Source: Reddit | bodiuzzama_n

5. When your puppy re-appropriates your Roomba


Source: Reddit | LRT_Razer

6. That’s even worse than Frank Reynolds’ Bovine Joni


Source: Instagram | @le.snek

7. When you walk in on someone at a frat party


Source: Reddit | MartyFreeze

8. Let’s hope for a gust of wind to help him out… or better yet, a hurricane


Source: Reddit | Dizmodo

9. Where grown up family rifts between brothers stem from


Source: Reddit | Dizmodo

10. In Japan, the clothes judge you


Source: Reddit | mhuraizee

11. Even calculators aren’t what they used to be


Source: Reddit | ISR-Asaf

12. Poor cutie


Source: Reddit | Retsopdar

13. Won’t you tell us how you really feel? There’s no point in being ambiguous


Source: Reddit | OfficerB00ty

14. Looking to get a golden tan? How about a golden shower instead.


Source: Reddit | Dizmodo

15. When you hit the bottom of the barrel and you pride yourself on it


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

16. Your lucky day ends in 3… 2… 1…


Source: Reddit

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