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Life Was Simpler And Kids Were Happier In The Good Old Days


It’s early morning and you’re preparing your headset and coffee-to-go on your way to the bus stop. You’re rushing so much that you often mistake the number of your bus because it didn’t occur to you to look at the bus. The truth is, you were staring at your phone. Oh, how one misses the good old days! Reading newspapers on the subway, people actually saying hello on the street, or just meeting up without texting or using a phone. Life was indeed easier then, I’m telling you. Imagine no misunderstanding text messages, but a simple cinema date. Now imagine eating organic, but not paying half of your paycheck. You’re allowed to have a few sighs while you take a look at these good-old-days-pictures. Try not to wet your eyes.

1. They said money brought happiness in the past.

The week allowance was 25 cents. Yeah, cents! What can you get for 25 cents now? A third of a gum? Maybe?


Source: Reddit | drp625

2. Remember the good old days when everyone socialized and weren’t constantly on their phones?

Oh society, bring back humans, please. Just look at these dressed-up commuters, heading to work.


Source: Reddit | beet111

3. Organic is best, but only if you earn the best, too. Until then, you can live with overripe bananas.

Preservatives and other modifications do make food tasty, but we wish we knew what real food tasted like in the past.


Source: Reddit | momus99

4. Times change so fast for technology, it’s unbelievable!

And that’s 15 Megabytes! Not Gigabytes! I almost passed out. Do you wonder what size this may be nowadays?


Source: Reddit | ColonOBrien

5. Those were the days. No phones and they all survived!

Parents would load you in the back of the pickup and it was actually the funniest part of the day!

Source: Instagram | @countrylife Diply

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