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These New Pictures Of Lindsay Lohan Show That We Have Her Back


We first saw Lindsay Lohan as a child and she was very cute. Then as a teenager queen she was absolutely adorable, but when she grew up? Do you remember how she turned from child star to someone who crumbled countless times in front of an audience? Back then, we thought that it’s not the first time that a child star fell apart like that.

The paparazzi photos came out and they were awful, but now we have new ones and we might have her back, better than ever.

She started her career as a child fashion model when she was three and was later featured on the soap opera Another World when she was 10. Lindsay was also adorable in The Parent Trap.


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She was cast in Freaky Friday because the world wanted her more and more.


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But then, Mean Girls came and people still can’t get over it. Everyone thought that a brilliant career was coming for her.


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The more popular she got, the more trouble she was in. She began to party hard and fans started to worry. After the first time she got caught for DUI and possession of cocaine, she wasn’t the Lindsay the audience was used to.


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Months after her first run with the law, she was arrested again because she was in possession of many narcotics.  She went back to rehab.


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She was sentenced to jail time on several occasions, but spent literally minutes there before she was released. She drank even when she was wearing an alcohol monitoring system. Another fail was when she failed a drug test in 2010 and went back to Betty Ford rehab clinic.


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Rock bottom was in 2012 where she was almost charged for domestic abuse after a heated battle with her mother.


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With all that’s been going on, her appearance left everyone shocked. She didn’t look like she was in her twenties anymore.


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But, now we’re going to talk about better things like her recent photos where she looks pretty good. When the 30-year-old posted this photo on Instagram, fans just freaked out.


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The beautiful girl seems like she has control of her life again.  She appears to be happy and sober. Does this mean that we got our Lindsay back?


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It’s so nice to see her taking care of herself again.


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And she has great news too.


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She is looking to help others around her too. She recently took part in the 12th BGC Partners Annual Charity Day at London’s Canary Wharf.


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Lindsay thought she’d use some of her star power to get more people involved! Way to go!


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It feels so good to have you back!


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