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Check Out Lirika Matoshi’s Handmade Embellished Fishnet Tights Which Charmed New York City


Lirika Matoshi is a New York-based artist who creates incredible work in the form of handmade fishnet stockings, but also headpieces, gloves, necklaces and earrings. The Kosovo native came to New York City in 2016 in order to enroll at the Fashion Institute of Technology but was rejected; now, students from the Institute are calling her to be her interns as she takes on the world from her quirky Bronx studio.

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1. All of the socks are handmade


2. Lirika also makes tights and tops


3. She takes inspiration from the natural world to create delicate, hand-beaded work


4. You can order her work through Etsy


5. Or find her on Instagram where she is followed by 136k users


6. The New York City-based artist custom-created the floral headpiece Elle King wore to the Grammys


7. Matoshi came to NYC in 2016 from her native Kosovo to try and enroll at the Fashion Institute of Technology but was rejected


8. “I was really upset because I had wanted to get into fashion school,” she told The Cut. “But now people from FIT are calling and asking to be my interns.”


9. Matoshi also designs chokers, headpieces, gloves, t-shirts and earrings


10. The 20-year-old started designing chokers, gloves, and headpieces last year but didn’t start fishnets until a few months ago


11. “I had some fishnets in my closet, and then I just tried them out, put flowers on them, and took a picture of them,” she says


12. “I didn’t expect to sell them, I just made them for fun. A lot of people on Instagram really wanted them, and they asked me if I could sell them.”


13. The tights retail from $150 to $350


14. It takes the 20-year-old designer a lot of precision to produce a pair in her studio in the Bronx


15. She and her sisters, who are all artists, make the finished products by using a heat press machine to attach gems to the delicate tights


16. “The making process takes a lot of time and effort and detailed work,” she explains


17. “We are providing the highest quality of tights, everything is handmade, and each single flower that is attached on the tights is made by hand.”


18. Another Kosovo native, Dua Lipa wore Lirika’s products and she has been in contact with Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora and Noah Cyrus who all have expressed interest


19. But Lirika, for now, is focused on developing her own brand: “I’m focused on my brand first because I don’t want to work with such people without having my brand.”


20. At the moment, she is working on a collaboration with Converse on embellished shoes, and designing fishnets for the online shop Dolls Kills



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