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This Little Girl Loves Jesus So Much, She Had To Let The Tears Run


Any parent will tell you that their toddler cries for the most absurd things. I know a few toddlers that cry because they’re not allowed to use the decorative cane to smash the chair in the dining room, but that’s just me, and anyway, toddlers can have a meltdown for some truly strange things.

But this meltdown goes to the other end of the spectrum and is actually very cute!

jesus 1

Emily Bannard reported to the Daily Mail that she walked into the room and found that her toddler Ella was in tears.

Turns out that the little two-year-old was actually crying because she couldn’t contain her love for Jesus. Her mom stated that ever since she was born she’s shown tons of love for Jesus and others, and as we can see, that love got so deep that she couldn’t hold it in anymore and she had to let the tears fall down. So cute!

jesus 2

“She started praying when she was just one,” Emily recalled, “she saw a little boy at the park who was crying and she wanted to pray for him. She still continues to pray for him to this day, it’s adorable. She finds crosses in anything and everything and loves to sing songs about [Jesus],” Emily added.

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Such a wonderful soul. I have a feeling that this little one is going to grow up to be a human with a big heart and a plan to help out and fix everything that isn’t right with the world.

Do you agree that little Ella is a wonderful soul? Share this video and share your thoughts in the comments!


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