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Little Girl Tells Dad She’s ‘Engaged,’ But When He Sees The Ring He Can’t Stop Cracking Up.

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Every little girl’s dream is to get married with prince charming and to live happily ever after. Just like in the fairytales. On the other hand, we know that the schoolboys are usually shy when it comes to showing their love. Well, Tommy is not one of these boys. As you can see in the video shared by The LAD Bible, he did something which most of the grown up boyfriends don’t have the courage to do. He proposed to the sweet little blond girl Millie and what he did was hilarious.Although the video doesn’t show the actual moment, young Tommy asked Millie to be his wife and the evidence was recorded.

As Millie’s father explains, she told him that a boy in school had proposed to her and given her an engagement ring. Of course he was not so happy to hear that his daughter is engaged but check out and see his reaction when he saw the ring.
“Like anyone we were expecting the Haribo ring. Millie, can you just go and get the ring that Tommy proposed to you with today, please?” says the Dad into the camera while the Mom can be heard laughing hysterically. When Millie brings the ring her Mom’s is laughing even more.

While holding a stunning ring with real diamonds in his hand the father says “Tommy has stolen his mother’s engagement ring– three enormous diamonds– and proposed to Millie!”After they had posted this hilarious moment online, the video went viral, and people began sharing their elementary school memories.

Sabor A Mi wrote “This happen when I was in elementary school. A boy that fancied me took his grandma’s expensive ring and tried giving it to me. Haha!!! ”

Stacy Perkins had a similar experience, and she is happily married. “I had a boy give me his mother’s wedding ring in the first grade. I was so upset when my mom made me give it back. 14 years later he bought me an engagement ring, my mom let me keep this one 😀 We have now been married for 20 years.” she wrote under the video.

We hope Tommy’s Mom has forgiven him.


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