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What Does That Little Red String Tattoo Mean?


Tattoos are awesome in so many ways. Up until a few decades ago, tattoos were frowned upon, but we are glad to live in a time where having a tattoo is something people do for themselves. And it’s something normal that we see everyday.

However, tattoos have trends as well. Remember the Chinese letters? Proverbs in Arabic? Tribal tattoos? And the minimalistic ones of today?

There is another  trend that we’ve noticed on the many tattoo postings around the internet, and that is this little red string tattoo. It looks adorable and we had to find out what it means.

Turns out, it’s called the red string of fate and originates in both Chinese and Japanese cultures, signifying a strong bond of love. So strong that nothing can come between people strung together.


Once metaphorically attached, the string can never be broken, but as with any other relationship things can get twisted and tangled at times. But the love never leaves.
In East Asia there  is even a popular legend saying that an invisible red ring tied a suitor’s thumb to the pinkie finger of the woman with whom he was destined to be.


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