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‘Little Women’ Star Aims To Be Maxim Magazine’s Shortest Cover Girl


Briana Rene’e might not be very tall, but she’s aiming for the stars nonetheless. A reality television personality who also describes herself on Instagram as a proud mother of two and a celebrity hostess, Briana is not stopping there. Her next goal is to be on the cover of Maxim magazine and if you find that strange, you should read up on her extraordinary story.


The 34-year-old is best known for starring in the reality television show Little Women: LA on Lifetime


She might be 3 feet 8 inches tall but has a huge personality

The show followed her attempts at launching a singing career, her life as a single mother and her roller-coaster romance with now-husband Matt Ericson who also has two children from a previous marriage.


“Fierce Little Mama”

The “Fierce Little Mama”, as she was known on Little Women: LA, was born to average-size parents and doesn’t have siblings of her stature. Although she was never treated differently by her parents, she admits the world had a much different attitude to little people when she was growing up. The mother-of-two credits Little Women: LA with changing the conversation about how people with dwarfism are perceived in the United States.


“Because of the show, we’re seen as real women, not just women of short stature,” Rene’e told the San Diego Union Tribune. “Now people say positive things to me, like how they’ve seen me on TV and like what I do. We still have a long way to go, but people are being more respectful.”


Shortest Maxim model of all time?

Rene’e and Ericson enjoy their quiet life in the San Luis Rey River Valley, California. They enjoy playing video games, going to the beach, playing music together, driving their Mustang cars and spending time with their kids.

“I never thought I’d be someone who inspired others. After all the drama and petty moments on the show, I’m proud that people are inspired. I think when people see what we’ve been able to overcome, their problems don’t seem so big,” the hostess says.

And with her family’s support and her spirit, there are new frontiers to be reached for Briana Rene’e. If she does indeed become the shortest Maxim model of all time as she dreams, we won’t be too


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