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Living the Life of a Modern Princess


These 10 girls are certainly not Fairy Tale Characters! They are hardworking, diligent ambassadors for their countries

When I think of Princesses, I immediately think of Disney! But we have lots of real Princesses, living real lives, around the world. They are contemporary girls, living a contemporary life. All-be-it a more opulent and lavish lifestyle than most of us. As well as looking beautiful they have busy, busy social lives, and this comes with a lot of hard work and diligence.

Take a look below at their lifestyles and their achievements.

  1. Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg

Alexandra is 24, the only daughter of The Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. Alexandra adores sports, she speaks five languages and has taken part in the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. She has the longest full name of all European princesses: Alexandra Josephine Teresa Charlotte Marie Wilhelmine. She is fifth in line to the throne.



2. Lady Amelia Windsor, UK

Lady Amelia is 20. She is the granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. Her father is the Duke of Kent’s first child, George Philip Nicholas Windsor, Earl of St Andrews and her mother is Sylvana Palma Windsor, Countess of St Andrews. Amelia is currently studying at University of Edinburgh and recently completed an internship at Maison de Chanel. . Lady Windsor has become the first person of royal blood to appear on the cover of Tatler

Lady Amelia Windsor, UK


3. Princess Luisa Maria of Belgium

The daughter of Princess Astrid of Belgium and Lorenz, Arch-Duke of Austria-Este, is 21 years old. She is currently being educated in the United Kingdom

Princess Luisa Maria of Belgium



4. Princess Iman of Jordan

Princess Iman bint Abdullah is the second child and eldest daughter of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan. Princess Iman is 20 and attended the International Academy Amman (IAA) she graduated in 2014, and was awarded the top female athlete in her class. She is currently studying at the University of Georgetown, Washington, USA. Not often seen in public often, but occasionally accompanies her royal mother during charity events.

Princess Iman of Jordan



5. Princess Charlotte of Monaco

30 year old Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi is the second child of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Princess of Monaco, and the late Stefano Casiraghi, an Italian industrialist. She is eighth in line to the throne of Monaco. She is an avid horsewoman who has competed in equestrian events across Europe.

Princess Charlotte of Monaco



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