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Living In A Shipping Container Is Much Better Than You Thought


Hearing that someone lives in a shipping container might give you the wrong impression about the quality of their life. Don’t jump to conclusions. The New Zealand-based company IQ Container Homes prides itself “on being able to take one of the world’s strongest, most durable structures. A corten steel shipping container, and converting it into a high-quality, practical, environmentally responsible small home”.

And Australian Brenda Kelly has been living in two of them for the past two-and-a-half years. She first resided in a a 20-foot (6 m) container, before adding an additional 40-foot (12 m) container to her dwellings. Not only living in a container does not mean one lives in squalor, but you would be surprised at the combination of comfort and sustainability that can be achieved.


A beautiful porch is what first greets the visitor. Completely surrounded by glass, the outdoor seating area features a chic dining set and blinds that can be closed when desired. It probably wouldn’t be too often, though, as the weather allows for this “million dollar view”, as Brenda calls it, to be almost the same all year-round. There is also heating and air conditioning, which makes it perfect for all seasons.

The kitchen is modern, with all appliances being energy-efficient and very compact, which leaves plenty of room for storage.


Spare beds are scattered throughout the apartment, which can house up to seven people. The container has walls, desks and drawers that can transform into beds in almost every room, which only adds to the impression that every bit of space is used to its utmost.

Brenda even has a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed and plenty of storage space!

Almost all the energy needs of Brenda’s home are covered by solar panels, with the container also tied to the grid allowing her to also draw from the municipal supply when needed. These unique houses also collect rainwater, which powers the toilet and the washing machine. All the excess unused power that has been generated is sold back to the energy companies.


Between the two containers, Brenda’s home now has 484 square feet (148 square meters) of perfectly planned space with maximized efficiency. A space where one can live very comfortably while spending next to nothing and with no negative effects on the environment. For more information check out the video and IQ Container Homes’ website.

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