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This Is Why Logan Was Always The One for Rory Gilmore


So people, I know we are very few when it comes to the Gilmore Girls fan army, but at least I am not alone. I believe, and I know you do too that Rory Gilmore should have ended up with Logan Huntzberger. We know in our hearts that Logan was created to complement Rory, but the fact that she breaks up with him, is tragic. That could of been a love story that would of last for ages. Let’s recount the ways Logan is Rory’s true soulmate.


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He’s the adventure that Rory needs in her life.

In the beginning when Rory meets Logan, she is not quite sure she likes him. I mean, she was never attracted to rich jerks before, so things are a little bit unclear. But, getting to know him, there is something about him that draws her in: an adventurous guy. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she’s sick of playing it safe, and Logan helps her get outside her box.


He likes her for exactly who she is.

We can clearly see that Logan likes Rory very much that he avoids going on dates with her because he thinks he might hurt her. Even though Logan dated a lot of girls before, Rory is the first one he feels connected to in a very deep level.


They have great chemistry.

From all the guys that try to date Rory, Logan doesn’t have to try that much. They have a lot of chemistry going on, and you don’t often find a guy like that.


He changes for her.

He is very committed to Rory, that he puts away all of his playboy moves and is ready to go all in. They have a hiccup after a big fight and Logan sleeps with his sister’s friend, but come on, he thought they had broken up.


They share similar interests.

Rory longs to be a world-class journalist and Logan just happens to be the heir to a newspaper empire, but even looking past the obvious, these two share so much.


He’s courteous and romantic.

The boy has a lot of patience and is ready to do whatever it takes for her. Remember the time he rents her an entire coffee cart for the day? Or when he lets her use his car service? And live rent-free in his pad while he’s in London? So nice and thoughtful.


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