Gorgeous African American Model Calling Herself Lolita And The Black Hannah Montana Remains A Mystery


Imagine the most beautiful silky hair, the most elegant ebony skin and on top of that, wondrous green eyes and youthful features worthy of a true Lolita. These features reportedly exist on an internet model whose real name is Lola Chuil but goes under the famous moniker from Nabokov’s most famous book. If one of her online profiles are to be trusted she comes from Des Moines, Iowa and has caught the attention of the world to the point where many are considering her face to be the most perfect they’ve ever seen, while others dispute their authenticity.

Called the Melanin Goddess in reference to the pigment found in the human skin, or the Charcoal Beauty, this African American model likes to call herself the Black Hannah Montana while fans fondly refer to her as Black Barbie. Not much is known about her yet, which has allowed rumors to swirl as they always do, but if she truly does exist, the world will definitely be a prettier place for it.

Source: Instagram | @theblackhannahmontana

The Black Hannah Montana or the Black Barbie, the choice is yours


Source: Instagram | @theblackhannahmontana

Although she only has shared 41 Instagram posts so far, she already has a following of almost 500K users


Source: Instagram | @theblackhannahmontana

According to her PayPal.Me, Lola’s residence is in Des Moines, Iowa


Source: Instagram | @theblackhannahmontana

While we’re waiting for more information on Lolita to surface, enjoy that look!


Source: Instagram | @theblackhannahmontana
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