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This Artist Creates Fancy Lollipops And They Look So Real


Seriously though, what would we do without art? We are so lucky to have so many great talents and artists around the world that we can enjoy their work. This time, we’re talking about Shinri Tezuka who is a traditional candy artist practicing Amezaiku. So, artists take multicolored lollipops and shapes everything by using their hands, tweezers and scissors.

Most of the artist that practice this form of art are very fast and often become street performers doing magic tricks. The confections are created in likeness of insects, fish and other animals. But it is unbelievable how realistic these taffy lollipops look like and I am not totally sure if I could be able to eat one.

You can see some of his work down below and make sure to leave a comment. Scroll and enjoy!

Doesn’t this look so real?


Source: Instagram | @amezaiku_ameshin



Source: Instagram | @amezaiku_ameshin

So sophisticated!


Source: Instagram | @amezaiku_ameshin

Hey there little fishy


Source: Instagram | @amezaiku_ameshin

Such a pretty color


Source: Instagram | @amezaiku_ameshin

What do you guys think? Aren’t these lollipops so real? I mean I would totally be confused by eating one. If you want to see more of his candy sculptures make sure to check his Instagram too.


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