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“Long Egg” Mystery Finally Revealed


Since the long eggs issue became viral, many questions were raised and the topic was all over the Internet. People were curious to know if chickens actually can lay large eggs, or are they laid by other creatures (resurrected dinosaurs, perhaps?) and most importantly everybody was curious if it’s actually ok to eat those eggs.

Well, here we have the answers to the questions on the subject matter which widely took over the Internet, for a whole two minutes! Which is loooong in internet time – nearly as long as those eggs!

Eggs are the perfect source of protein which we should consume on a daily basis. Besides the protein, eggs contain vitamins, riboflavin and folic acid making them the right choice for a healthy diet.

Eggs can be boiled, scrambled, poached, deviled or fried but stretched was a new one on me!

The long egg is a Danish method of serving perfectly sliced eggs.

So now you may think that the chickens in Denmark have special powers for laying those long eggs, but that is not case I’m afraid – put that imagination back to bed! I am sorry to disappoint you, but these eggs are actually coming from a completely man-made process.

Take a look at the process yourself and see what I’m talking about.




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