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Long-Haired Teen Changes Her Hairstyle Radically


Hair is a powerful tool for self-expression at any age. But experimenting with hairstyles in your teens is a way of discovering oneself and create a unique personal style and visual identity in combination with clothes and accessories.

In the video, we meet a young lady who, after years of maintaining her beautiful brown tresses, decided she was ready to leave the comfort of her waist-long hair and “bare it all”. Although psyched by what she’s about to do, she is determined to embark on this risky adventure without any assistance or consultation from a professional hairdresser.

In a matter of seconds, she goes from super long and wavy to a super-short pixie cut with buzzed sides, coupled with fresh makeup and bright hair dye. YouTube’s verdict was positive, with one user saying: “At first I didn’t think it would look that good but OMG that’s so cute!”

The bold decision and the courage not to conform to the insecurity caused by stepping out of the comfort zone paid off through a daring and adorable end result.

“That was seriously empowering to watch,” another user commented. “It’s her damned hair, she can cut it if she wants and however she wants. And even if you felt like you didn’t know what you where doing, it came out all right. I remind myself of that when I feel I chopped too much off, hair grows. Enjoy it while you’re young!”

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