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Long lasting methods to curl your lashes


Every woman’s dream is to be attractive. Long and curly lashes are vital for a compleat look. They show off the eyes more. There are dozens mascara’s and beauty products women use to have longer lashes. Falises are one of the solutions. But remember that natural look is better. There are many methods how you can make your lashes longer and curlier yourself. We will show you two simple examples how you can quickly show off your eyes more.

1. How to have curly lashes all day.

Probably you have tried many times to curl your lashes but after some time they go back to their normal position. This tip will help you to have curled lashes much longer while using the same tool, the lash curler.
Apply mascara, it’s up to you to decide are you going to do this before or after. We think that before is better because the mascara contains substances to add volume and length to your lashes.

Use regular lash curler and begin to curl the lashes from the roots. Do it several times, but be gentle. You can accidentally pluck off your lashes if you are aggressive.
When your lashes are curled at the roots, curl the center and the tips. Do that by moving the lash curler to the middle part of your lashes and same like before repeat several times. At the end curl the tips. Don’t forget to apply mascara.

2. Use a teaspoon to curl your lashes.

It’s sounds weird, isn’t. But it works. You can use a tablespoon if your eyes are bigger. Get ready your mascara as well, you will need it.

First, you have to heat the spoon. You can heat it in an oven a little, or you can rub the spoon with your hands. Be careful not to overheat it if you are doing it in an oven. Ones it’s warm enough you can curl your lashes.

Place the spoon on the upper eyelid and apply mascara. Push the lashes as closer to the spoon because the heated spoon will change their shape. It’s very similar like when you are curling hair. The spoon will also protect your eyelid from the mascara.

That’s it. You will have long curled lashes all day long.



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