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How To Look Beautiful In Lazy Mornings Using No Makeup


Mornings are always the hardest part of the day. You wake up late, lazy, you have only 20 minutes to pull yourself together and you just don’t feel like putting makeup on. Every one of us goes through this at least once a month.

But even though you’re not down to do anything it doesn’t mean you actually are willing to go to work looking like a zombie. So, how do you compromise?

Well,  Sona Gasparian has all the answers. She will teach us some brilliant beauty tricks that you will be forever thankful for.

1. You start by brushing your teeth and cleaning your face with a scrubbing brush.


2. Apply your favorite lip balm to make your lips more soft.


3. This is the most important step. You have to start tapping on your face gently to give more color to your skin.


4. Brush your eyebrows and curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.


5. Brush your hair and apply some of the lip balm on your eyelashes and also on your cheeks to create a glowy look. For the perfect finish you can also add just a tiny bit of bronzer to give life to your face.


6. And your lazy “makeup” look is done.


If you want to see more of this whole process, press play down below. Enjoy!

Source:Sona Gasparian , tiphero

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