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Amazing Results: Look What Happened To Her Eyebrows After Microblading


Many people deal with a physical appearance issue that has been bothering them for years. Sometimes it’s a part of your face, sometimes it’s the body, and while we need to accept ourselves the way we are, sometimes, small corrections do a lot in making a person happy with what they see in the mirror.

Such correction is one of the latest trends – microblading. It’s practically a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, which helps make brows look full and natural, but you may have already known this, as the internet is obsessed with this now.

This lady used to have short, spare, and almost non-existent eyebrows, until one day she got to try something different. She was tired of experimenting with the many methods of filling them and just had to do something else. Makeup artists used to tell her that eyebrows need to look like sisters, not twins. But the problem was that hers looked like distant relatives.

What is microblading?

Then, she discovered microblading. An expert will use teeny blades on a microblading pen and create hair-like strokes. This will allow for pigment under the skin, and the new shape will stay for 1-3 years.

After she discovered the concept, she went to schedule an appointment with Kendra Bray, Founder and Owner of Better Brows NYC. She felt a bit intimidated at first, but the doctor put her at ease. Her dream was about to come true, and she just wanted fuller eyebrows.

The procedure

They numbed her brows for 30 minutes and then started the procedure. Using the microblading tool, she created the lines of the new shape. The procedure was fast, but the aftercare takes more time.

The aftercare

The tattoo needs to be dry for 10 days. Therefore, she needed to be careful not to wet her eyebrows. If the skin starts itching, she can add coconut oil after day 10. The pigment may appear darker in the beginning, but will fade after 6-8 weeks.

Here she is, one day since she got microbladed. Then, there is the after photo, showing the amazing results.


What an amazing result!


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