Look At This Kitty Who Thinks The Owner Is Drowning, The Internet Went Crazy Over It


This is cute and hearbreaking at the same time!

Cats are wonderful creatures, adorable to live with, a gift from nature. We’re lucky if we get to live with one and that same one wants us to be our friend.

In this video, there’s a cat who is very serious about loving her human, and is worried sick her human might be in danger. In danger from a very scary bathtub.

Bathtubs are generally safe for humans, but we know what cats think of a full bath of water. And this one, she’s so devoted to saving the lady, she’s even talking to her to comfort her while she’s on the rescue. We’re used to cats looking after only themselves and coming to us when they’re hungry, but this one is a true hero!

You’ll want to hold her so tight after you watch this video!

Source:PGSmile_, heroviral

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