Jennifer Lopez Sheds A Tear During A Young Star's Audition!

Jennifer Lopez Sheds A Tear During A Young Star’s Audition!


Talent shows are usually safe places where people can enact their lifelong dream, and that is to become a star and touch people with their music!

The American Idol series has seen thousands of contestants that had an absolute prowess of their chosen instrument as well as magnetic stage presence.

Music moves people to tears. Music is magic, it can grab a hold of the deepest emotional knots and untangle them, offering relief from pain.

In one of the American Idol episodes of 2014, a little girl comes to triumph when she performs a pure and innocent rendition of Disney’s Frozen Let It Go theme.

That beautiful little rascal is introduced to the room along with her mother. Immediately, he grabs the attention of the judges.

star 1

Harry Connick Jr. asks her to approach where they all sit and asks her for her name.

“Hope” says the little girl. Her name is Hope.

Now, from here on out, something in my guts tells me that I should anticipate a tear falling down my face pretty soon, but I keep on watching.

Hope’s dress, ponytail, smile, everything… is just adorable!

Jennifer asks her if she is ready to take the stage.

She starts hopping towards the center with those tiny little feet. Next, we see a shot from behind the piano player who accompanies her.

He is from her left. The gentleman gives her the mark and she starts singing.

star 2

All the while, she is having the jitters and looks them straight in the eyes, trying hard to stay on top and not forget the lyrics.

Needless to say, the judges are star-strucked. They are lip-sync singing along with her.

Suddenly, the camera is quick to catch a glimpse of Jen turning her head down, holding back tears.

Maybe it’s the youth that struck her, maybe it’s the dream that the little girl has to do music, but she was definitely there in the moment with Hope.

As soon as the girl is finished, they give her a big round of applause and she gets a giant snuggly hug from her mom!

And she got the golden ticket! The girl is jumping around the room as she is in heavens! She runs towards her mom’s embrace!

star 3

I truly wish that one day I will buy this young lady’s first album!


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