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23 Lost Things Found Years Later In Weird Places


Losing things is something that everyone has done at some point. And the way life works in these situations is quite bewildering. If you look for it, you will never find it. But once you’ve forgotten everything about it, there it is! Take me, for example. I once lost my phone case. I searched everywhere and I went months without one, because I couldn’t find one I liked as much. The day I bought a new one, I found the old one under my mattress. It was one of the strangest things ever…

It happens to a lot of people, I’m sure. Here are a few who probably gave up hope of ever being reunited with their possessions, whether treasured or not, but still got the surprise of their lifetime when they found their stuff where they least expected it.

1. Glasses

I’ll just put these here for a second while I go get a wrench…

Reddit | chequesformike

2. Ice skates

Om nom nom, delicious ice skates!

Reddit | Dspot16

3. A Purple Heart and a dogtag

These were found in a box marked “trash,” and since they were obviously not trash, they were returned to the owner’s family.

Reddit | Phabricated_Phocks

4. A book

A woman misplaced one of her books. A few years later she placed an online order for a used copy. Imagine her surprise when she saw that the delivered book was the actual book she had lost.


Twitter | @zugenia

5. A mug

This stegosaurus mug had been lost for years. Out of the blue, one year the owner’s mother used it to serve them some eggnog.

It must have been Ross Geller’s mug, right?

Reddit | Tripleberst

6. A ticket

This ticket was found in the back of a book 29 years after it was purchased. It was for a Prince concert in Copenhagen in 1986.

Reddit | Flower_King

7. A wedding ring

A man found his wedding ring while planting bamboo 15 years after he’d lost it!

Reddit | ExtraPlus

8. A turtle

A turtle one student had lost in the library was found by the librarian and reunited with its owner. But how do you lose a turtle? Unless, of course, it was a Ninja Turtle…

Imgur | Kaoswzrd

9. An engagement ring

This engagement ring had been lost for 13 years. Suddenly, it appeared on a carrot!

How many carrots do you think that diamond is?

Instagram | @abc7la

10. A friend

This girl went to Fiji 14 years ago and made friends with a taxi driver. They lost contact when she returned home, but a few years later she met him again during another trip to Fiji.

Reddit | [deleted]

11. iPhone

This iPhone was discovered frozen in a driveway. Surprisingly, after putting it in some rice, it still worked.

Imgur | whosalecThis<br>

12. Another wedding ring

This one was lost to the ocean. Luckily, there was a woman nearby with a metal detector, and she’d found the ring even before the couple asked her for help.

Reddit | terrorbyte1337

13. A wallet

A man lost his wallet in the ocean. Someone found it. 24 years later.


Reddit | shrivel

14. A camera

Someone lost this waterproof camera in Hawaii in 2007. It was found 6 years later on a Taiwanese beach, over 5,000 miles away!

Imgur | travelator

15. An earring

A visit to some relatives resulted in a woman losing one of her favourite earrings. It was found two months later, stuck to the bottom of a shoe…

Reddit | SA_Dude

16. An ID card

A Florida man lost his ID card. The last thing he expected was that the Blue Man Group would find it and mail it to him.

Reddit | radioactive_alpaca

17. Another wallet

This one was claimed by a lake. 20 years later, the water of the lake had receded, and someone found it with a metal detector. It contained a York County Correctional Officer’s badge.

Reddit | biggrizzae

18. An honor roll certificate

A boy who made the honor roll was rewarded with a trip to Disney World. He lost the certificate at the hotel, but the staff found it and made sure it was returned to its owner’s hands. They even included a special surprise.

Reddit | Ghostlyswoosh

19. A ring

This guy had his ring stolen… by the monitor! It took him a couple of years to find it.

Reddit | CDXXnoscope

20. A cane

Someone had hung a cane on a fence. A woman found it and saw that there was a number printed on it. She called the number and met with an old man who had forgotten his cane three months earlier!

Reddit | bdabomb100

21. A phone

This man lost his phone in the ocean, in the Puget Sound, off the coast of Washington state in the northwestern US. Five years later he found a phone that looks like his, but there’s no way to know for sure if it is.

Reddit | ondarocks

22. A knife

This man was walking around the woods with a metal detector, as you do, when he came upon this knife. He found it under a tree with engravings. It had been lost for 40 years!

Imgur | ButterflyWood

23. Marbles

Someone’s lost their marbles… But luckily, they found them 10 years later between the couch cushions!

Imgur | shakakahn9

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