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He Lost His Wife Not Long After Their Wedding


Life has the power to turn the tables in seconds. This happened for Ben and Ali Nunery. They got married back in 2009, and they looked like the perfect couple. You can see their stunning wedding pictures in their new house. But, something was about to change completely. Little did they know, that a mere two years down the line, Ali would get lung cancer and die. This was such heartbreaking news for Ben, who loved his wife very much. Their two year old daughter, Olivia, lost her mother.

After two years, Ben decided to sell the house but before doing that, he decided to do one last thing.



With his beautiful daughter Olivia, he decided to recreate the pictures from their wedding day.

“I wanted to show people through these photographs that although I had lost my wife, this wasn’t the whole story — this was also a story of love, as well as pain and loss,” said Ben


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