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Louis Tomlinson Got Arrested At The LA Airport

Footage has recently emerged of Louis Tomlinson breaking into a fight with a photographer and two women at the airport.

At the Los Angeles International Airport, the 25-year-old 1D star got into a brawl with two female passengers, shortly after seeing that his girlfirend, UK model Eleanor Calder got into a fight with those two.

He approached a paparazzo photographer who was apparently trying to get footage of the 24-year-old model’s fight with the two passengers, before bursting out into a fight with him as well.

Tomlinson’s lawyer, Marty Singer, told MailOnline:

“The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis. It’s not the first time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity.

While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend and he came to her defense.”


One of the girls who were participants in the fight ended up with a cut above her eye.

She told The Sun On Sunday:

“He socked me. He’s going to go to jail. Yeah I’m going to press charges.

The guy just grabbed me and threw me to the floor and he socked me and that’s it.”

Meanwhile, an eyewitness told RadarOnline their version of the events, and it goes like this:


“The whole thing was chaos, and Louis was aggressive and swearing.

They [the two women] were just innocent bystanders and claim they didn’t even know who Louis and Eleanor were.”

Louis is due to appear in court on March 29 in LA, and although he was arrested for simple battery, $20,000 bailed him.

We’re just glad no one got seriously injured, or God forbid killed.


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