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Love Positions That Everyone Should Try


Love is not for expensive gifts. All that matters is being with the person you love and be able to love them everyday. Every one of us loves that warm and nice feeling being wrapped together and just talking about everything. That’s what’s love for. Artist Philippa Rice used her own relationship with her boyfriend as an inspiration for he illustrations called Soppy. How cute is that?

Even though her drawings are about her personal life, everyone who is in a relationship can truly relate to them. Her illustrations were published as a comic book last year. Take a look at them below and enjoy!

Making breakfast together.


Even grocery shopping is romantic.


Couples always know when cuddles are needed the most.


Cooking can bring the couple closer.


Well, building the furniture together can be a strong test for patience.


When someone is holding your hand, even a bad day can be better.


The best feeling is you can fall asleep everywhere when you know he is there.


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