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People Say These Things Mean That A Deceased Loved One Might Be Near You


When your loved one passes away it is more than true that all you have left is memories, but still I believe that their soul lives on to give us comfort when we need it the most. If you believe this theory too, then follow the post below because it might make you change your mind forever.


Of course that you don’t have to be psychic or own special powers to get in touch with your loved ones. They can come to us to help through difficult decisions, or at least we give the memory of them credit for something we knew well deep inside.

1. They appear in your dreams


A vivid dream from the loved one can be classified as a lucid dream because of the potency of the dream. They can be so intense that when you wake up in the night you will be full of emotions.

2. You feel their touch


This can happen right after your loved one passes away and you feel a stroke of the hand or back. Even if there is no obvious sign, others might feel like they are not alone.

3. Inexplicable phenomenon


It is often common for the passed spirits to affect electrical components in the home. You can feel a spate of burnt out light bulbs or other devices going haywire for no reason. This means they are trying to get your attention but you’re not listening.

4. Hiding or appearing objects


There can be accounts of items in the home disappearing and then coming back in a place you just recently checked.

5. You smell them

Just one whiff of a certain scent can bring up a lot of memories, even if it’s a cigar smoke or perfume.


There was a story of a little girl playing with plastic cups and plates, she told her mom that she had to get another plate for Bill. When the mother asked who is he, she said that he was at the table waiting for lunch.

Bill lived on his own and was their 90-year-old neighbor who just passed away and joined them for lunch.

It’s difficult to decide whether or not these things are mere superstitions, or simply a way for people to cope with losing a person they loved. Either way, beliefs like these are known to bring comfort in a person’s grieving process.


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