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24 Geniuses From Everyday Life You Wish You Knew


Life can be a sluggish boring experience – it is interesting people that make it bearable, and on occasion truly magnificent. When you see the action of these twenty-four geniuses, you will wish they were your friends, as they seem like people who turn ordinary, everyday situations into so much fun.

1. Dude’s gotta eat, right?!

 Dude's gotta eat!

Source: Imgur | hiimmistermeeseekslookatme

2. He’s used to lockin’ ’em up!

He's used to lockin' 'em up!

Source: Reddit | GreyNietzsche

3. Apartment 0 – tenant 1!

 Score one for the good guys!

Source: Reddit | VIBURNUMM

4. Artists aren’t made, they are born

Or, for the more artistically inclined...

Source: Reddit | Sundavar_Dreki

5. Who said Sega was an obsolete console?

Looks like they're bringing back Nintendogs!

Source: Reddit

6. Writing your name down on your suitcase is so 2009!

Make no mistakes!

Source: Reddit | jew3lr0se

7. Who needs a playpen?!

 Who needs a playpen?!

Source: Reddit | viralcar

8. Winning with creativity

Office shortage.

Source: Reddit | renerdrat

9. Fight fire with fire!

 Fight fire with fire!

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

10. Animal lovers have just become far more understandable

Gotta love it when he can fetch...

Source: Reddit | Djangosmangos

11. The solution that every man was looking for

His beard was unruly, until he found his shaving grace...

Source: Imgur | WullieBlake

12. No more Sunday socks!

No more Sunday socks!

Source: Reddit | Death_Machine_

13. When technology fails it’s time for the geniuses to step up to the plate

 Weather it looks good or not, it works!

Source: theCHIVE

14. Always good to create memories with your family

Always good to reflect with your family

Source: Imgur | FairWestApparel

15. This kid’s going places

 This kid's going places...

Source: Imgur | IAmNotEntertained

16. Say Whiskas!

Say cheese!

Source: Reddit | alexdelamuerte

17. All those suckers eating popcorn from a bowl must feel pretty embarrassed right now

And here I am with popcorn in a bowl like a sucker...

Source: Reddit | anonymeowz

18. Not even a problem!

Not even a problem!

Source: theCHIVE

19. The master of evasion

 Master of avoiding the awkward

Source: Reddit

20. “A” for creativity!

"A" for effort!

Source: Reddit | emmastoneftw

21. Now each player can look like James Bond

Now each player can look like James Bond

Source: Reddit | rp2012-blackthisout

22. Beep Bloop Blop Bleep Boop

Copy that!

Source: Reddit | TorrinSilverclaw

23. No living being should be lonely

No pet should be lonely...

Source: Imgur

24. A Beautiful Mind

Do the math!

Source: Reddit | saffron-rice
From: diply

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