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Are Lucky If You Have 4 Lines On Your Wrist?


Since the beginning of the human race, records show that people attempt to predict their fortune in a variety of ways. Many kings had their fortune tellers to find out when they would win a battle. Some tribes used smoke to predict their future, some beans, herbs, stars, crystal balls…

Driven by the questions, are we going to be healthy, are we going to have a successful career and be rich, or when will we find the true love? People invented palm reading.  According to classic palmistry, each area of the palm is related to a god or goddess from the Greek mythology and the primary focus is in the center of the palm. For example, the Life line, Head line, Heart line, Girdle of Venus, Sun line,  Mercury line. Fate lines are considered as the most important.

But what do the bracelet lines say about our destiny?


Each of us can have three or four bracelet lines.  The chances for a safe and healthy life are bigger if these lines are more solid and longer.


The second line determines your wealth. If there are no gaps in the line, you will be wealthy.


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