Lucky Kara Gelinas Wins A Brand New Surprise Snow Blower

Lucky Kara Gelinas Wins A Brand New Surprise Snow Blower


New England denizen Kara Gelinas can finally get a rest from shoveling snow since she is the lucky winner of a brand new snow blower!

The Story of the Ten Year Snow Rougher

Whoever had to face the tedious and excruciating task of snow cleaning, knows exactly what this prize can mean to someone.

Every Wednesday, the Western Massachusetts Surprise Squad, sponsored by Lia Auto Group strikes all over the area, in search for a deserving individual for their many prizes.

They went out that morning, right after New England was hit by a big storm, and purchased the snow blower over at Acres Power Equipment Co. in East Longmeadow, MA.

It was Kara’s turn that freezing cold morning to win her first ever snow blower.

She was spotted by the Surprise Squad roughing the New England snow. They decided to approach her, pretending like they were to conduct an interview on snow shoveling.


Kara had no idea what was going on.

“So, Kara, how long have you lived here for?”-asked the interviewer.

“10 years.”

“And how many years have you been using this shovel?”

“About 10 years!”-laughed Kara.

The Lucky Prize

The speech pathology teacher of a local Springfield elementary school said that even though her driveway is not as big, shoveling snow has been quite taxing for her.

She added that she in face wanted to purchase a snow blower over the weekend, but all of the items were sold out in her local store.

“Well you know what… Today is your lucky day, Kara!” –said the reporter. She introduced the Surprise Squad and said that they would like to give her a snow blower for free!

“Oh my God! Thank you!” Kara’s face glowed into a smile. She surely wasn’t expecting this.

They brought out the snow blower and helped her to start it.


“Kara, how do you feel?”

“Awesome! Amazing, guys… I really don’t know how to thank you!”


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