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16 Lucky People With Very Funny Families


Family is the most important thing in the world. They are the ones who will always be by your side through happiness and sorrow, the ones to drive you mad with unwanted advice, suggestions, and exaggerated worries, but they are also the ones to lift your spirit when you are feeling down. Especially, if they are anything like these families, whose amazing sense of humour seems to run in their genes. Take a look at this list, compiled by Diply, of 16 times when our closest relatives surprised us with their hilarious actions and reactions.

1. When your mum’s meme game is too strong

Not many parents would be able to use a meme in such a perfect way.


Source: Twitter | @Tayhannon

2. When your dad makes sure you eat well

Those must have been some hella good chips for him to go to all the trouble of mailing one to his kid.


Source: Twitter | @hannablewett

3. When they just can’t be bothered to walk to your room

At least they have upgraded the medieval system of message delivery. Instead of a pigeon, they use the dog!


Source: Twitter | @pimpytrisho

4. When size does matter

We are not amused!


Source: Twitter | @JamilMadison

5. When your mum is a legend at hide-and-seek

She knows you little termites won’t leave any for her if she leaves them in plain sight!


Source: Twitter | @MrMikesOnline

6. When your mum knows you too well

She just wants you to have the full college experience. How are you going to do that if you’re blind drunk half the time?


Source: Instagram | @llllllllgefvhnnu

7. When they choose the perfect gift

Your family knows you’re always hungry, and you can’t well eat flowers, now can you?



Source: Twitter | @wowchey

8. When your mum is a complete savage

Ooh, that was below the belt! You go, Mum!


Source: Twitter | @KevinM0ra

9. When your mum’s Halloween costume is spot on

Wait. Which one is the mum?


Source: Twitter | @TrentVincent11

10. When your mum is an expert troll

Your mum: Gotta break this news to my baby real gentle-like.

Also your mum:


Source: Tumblr | oknope

11. When your mum’s fashion choices are questionable at best

Kid’s got a point…


Source: Twitter | @Itskashaj

12. When revenge was finally served

Oh no, not the Lego booby-trap! Guess that’s one way to make sure your kid stays in their room.


Source: Twitter | @LBCKat

13. When your cousin is a master of the pun game

Thanks, cuz! That’s exactly what I wanted…


Source: Twitter | @eveewing

14. When your kids defile your living room

But you’re an always-look-on-the-bright-side kind of person and make it look cool.


Source: Twitter | @DrMassicotte

15. When your mum is living the thug life

Smuggling is a punishable offence. And it’s severely aggravated by your choice of contraband.


Source: Twitter | @DaleVDelrosario

16. When your parents love a good innuendo

That’s a bit inappropriate coming from a parent to a child, isn’t it?


Source: Reddit | bnasty1998
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